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Let the Oscar season begin.  Ben Afflect’s 3rd directorial effort is  not only his best, it should nail him an Oscar nod for best picture and director. Affleck is a straight-shooter when it comes to telling a story.  No frills. He just lays it out with a normal, not disjointed timeline . No  too-cool-for the room artsy directing for him.

This is the  real-life story of 52 Americans taken hostage at the U.S. Embassy in Iran in 1979. 6 embassy employees escape and take shelter at the Canadian Embassy. They face public execution if they’re found out  and things are quickly closing in.  Ben Affleck plays a CIA’er who dreams up a ridiculous plan to get them out of Iran.  He pretends to be a Hollywood exec scouting locations for the sci-fier “Argo”- a fake movie that was never made.

While we totally know the outcome, this movie is still as tense as they come. What’s surprising is how outright funny it is as a Hollywood satire. It’s funnier than many comedies. Unlike most Hollywood satires, you don’t have to be in the biz to get it.

John Goodman and Alan Arkin are hilarious as the real-life Hollywood movie makers who help pull off the seemingly impossible. Arkin could  well be nominated for a best-supporting  Oscar.

This is a movie that matters.  And it’s just flat-out phenomenal. As of  now , it’s my favorite movie of the year.   Do see this movie!!!!

4 stars


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