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RESULTS: Are you satisfied with Principal Eversole's Statement

After the flurry of news articles and pressure from protesters outside Fort Collins High School, including Sheriff Justin Smith, Fort Collins High School Prinicipal Mark Eversole released a statement stating that he was concerned about the naming of the proposed Spirit Day called "'Merica (or 'Murica') Monday." 

Eversole felt the proposed name was "disrespectful to our country." Many people are puzzled, wondering why he didn't recommend a different name altogether before this became an issue. 

RESULTS: Are You Satisfied with Principal Eversole's Statement? 

We wanted to know if you are satisfied with the statement that Principal Eversole released on Tuesday, Feb. 5. Over 75% of visitors to 600kcol.com were not satisfied with Eversole's statement, while 25% of visitors were satisfied. 

Read Princial Eversole's Statement 


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Read Princial Eversole's Statement 

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