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RESULTS: Does Shark Week Matter Anymore?

RESULTS: Does Shark Week Matter Anymore?

The Discovery Channel's Shark Week wrapped up with its best ratings in the 26th year of the franchises history. However, Alan Yuhas at the Guardian claims that Discovery now prefers schock to science, as evidenced by the fictional documentary Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives which kicked off the week of shark programming.

Yahuas complained that "Discovery made its name as a champion for science, but it's been abandoning that mission for years." 

What Do You Think? 

Has Shark Week lost it's educational focus? Is Shark Week programming educational?

We asked visitors to 600kcol.com, and you said:

Opinion% of Respondents
I think Shark Week was just a great mix of education and entertainment33%
I don't think Discovery Channel has aired ANYTHING educational in years33%
I think Shark Week was nothing but entertainment programming33%

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